Terms and conditions

Version: June 7, 2024 [English]

General Terms and Conditions TG Academy BV

applicable to all its training programs, including all lessons via Salsa te Gusta

Company Name:

TG Academy trading as Salsa te Gusta

Postal Address: Koggestraat 9L, 1012 TA Amsterdam

KVK number: 85771732

These general terms and conditions apply to anyone who follows a training course via TG Academy BV, participates in our activities, and thereby enters into an agreement with our training institute and all its enterprises.

  1. Lessons
  2. Make-up classes are conducted according to our public policy and/or in consultation with our customer service.
  3. Missed classes are exceptionally converted into class credits, in consultation with customer service.
  4. The organization reserves the right to cancel or reschedule lessons and events to another time and/or day or location.
  5. The number of students per course may vary and no guarantees are given.
  6. Participation is determined based on registration and order of final payment.
  7. During lessons, it may happen that, due to an uneven number of participants, there is not always a dance partner available.
  8. The organization has the right to replace the relevant teacher at the start of, or during the course with another qualified teacher.
  9. If a participant wishes to switch the pre-registered day/time/level, contact customer service.
  10. The organization reserves the right to refuse individuals without giving reasons.
  11. The organization reserves the right to change the content of lessons during the course.


  1. Your Data
  2. Your data is collected for our partner Bueno.nu. Visit www.bueno.nu to view their general terms and conditions and privacy policy. We treat this data confidentially and our partners are not permitted to share it with third parties without our approval.
  3. By registering, you agree that your email address and other data will be used for marketing purposes by TG Academy BV.
  4. If the organization makes image and/or sound recordings of you during our activities, you agree that these can be used for promotional purposes without granting direct permission. You can object in writing. In consultation, the images will be adjusted or removed.


  1. Payments
  2. Payments are primarily processed through our partner Bueno.nl.
  3. After registration, the student has a 14-day reflection period. The reflection period also applies if the student registers within 14 days before the start of the course but expires on the first day of the course if the participant has attended. Cancellation within this reflection period is only possible in writing via [email protected].
  4. After the reflection period, the cancellation policy applies. Up to 2 weeks before the start of the course, we charge 20%. Up to 1 week before the start of the course, we charge 30%. After the start of the course, we charge 100%. Refunds are processed within 2 weeks. (general terms and conditions NRTO, in cooperation with the Consumers’ Association, see appendix). Cancellation based on health reasons or the death of loved ones requires proof.
  5. Payments are occasionally completed by bank transfers.
  6. If you subscribe, you must be able to meet monthly payments. If this does not happen, collection costs may follow.
  7. If the student cancels lessons during the course, no refund or credit is possible.
  8. If the organization is forced to cancel a lesson, you will receive a digital credit that can be used for a similar lesson.
  9. If discounts are offered, they can never be combined unless explicitly stated.


  1. Hygiene, Safety, and Damage
  2. Salsa dancing is done together. It is therefore desirable that everyone dresses fresh and well-groomed.
  3. Visitors to our activities must behave according to common social standards and follow the instructions of the supervisors.
  4. Visiting and attending lessons is entirely at your own risk. The organization is not liable for injuries or any other form of harm resulting from visiting or participating in activities.
  5. The organization is also not liable for damage, loss, or theft of any kind as a result of the visitor’s stay and/or activities on the premises or in the lesson locations.


  1. Damage to, or Loss of Property at Our Locations or Partner Locations
  2. TG Academy uses halls to offer lessons or perform other activities. We, as an organization, reasonably ensure that this use does not cause damage to the location. To this end, teachers and students are informed about normal use.
  3. Loss or damage to property (movable and immovable) of the partner organization/lesson location, caused by a visitor or a hired freelancer, will always be recovered from the relevant person.


  1. Confidential Advisors

There are two confidential advisors appointed for students and staff to discuss sensitive issues:

Internal, if possible: Willemijn Maas, [email protected], 06-34862275

If necessary, external: Annemarie van Raay, Organizational Psychologist and Mediator

Email [email protected], Tel 06-41263725


  1. Complaints Procedure
  2. First, try to resolve it yourself.
  3. If this does not work, he/she can file an official complaint with the complaints committee. View the complaint form here.


  1. Cooperation with Teachers

We ask all teachers who work for or through TG Academy to sign a code of conduct and cooperation agreement.

Code of Conduct for Teachers

Our teachers sign the code of conduct that we have drawn up, view it here. If they exhibit behavior that deviates from this, we hold the teacher accountable.

Cooperation Agreement

Our teachers sign a cooperation agreement in which liability and expectations are clearly agreed upon.


  1. Premium Membership
  2. Minimum subscription period is 2 months
  3. One month cancellation period
  4. Notify us about switching classes 12 hours in advance
  5. Notify us by phone, email, WhatsApp to switch a class
  6. Cancel membership by phone, email, WhatsApp
  7. Joining Open Classes depends on the availability of spots and being able to join is not guaranteed
  8. Discounts cannot be combined with the Early Bird or student/city pass discount
  9. Salsa te Gusta reserves the right to change the terms & conditions of the Premium Membership Benefits during the year