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Course Calendar 2024

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Course levels

Our Salsa academy offers a structured curriculum beginning with six foundational levels. Each level builds upon the previous, enhancing both your skills and understanding of Cuban Salsa. Every level can also be repeated to gain confidence and expertise.

All levels include salsa classes with a variety of practical exercises and specific themes such as musicality, role rotation, feedback, and more. You can level up once you have completed a previous level.

Level 1

Basics of Cuban Salsa; LA style, Casino, fundamentals, Rueda de Casino

Level 2

Expanded repertoire, essential figures, partnerwork, social dancing, rhythm mastery

Level 3

Advanced turn patterns, complex dance figures recognition and execution

Level 4

Connection focus, partner exercises, solo steps, choreography execution, musicality

Level 5

Complex partnerwork, intricate figures, deepened technical skills, enhanced partner connection

Level 6

High-intensity training, complex figures, refined technique, precision execution

Season 1

Starting in week of
8, 9, 10, 12 January

Season 2

Starting in week of
4, 5 ,6 ,7 March

Season 3

Starting in week of
6, 7, 8, 9 May

Season 4

Starting in week of
3, 4, 5, 6 July


Starting in week of
4, 5, 6, 7 September

Season 6

Starting in week of
30, 31 Oct., 1, 2 Nov.

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Super leuke community en leuke salsa lessen!
Robin Waalwijk
Robin Waalwijk
Amaizing courses and people☺️
John Doe
John Doe
Lovely instructors and great atmosphere!
Armina Stepan
Armina Stepan
I came for a dance tryout, but I stayed for the dance lifestyle (and a great amount of new friends to boot). This dance school teaches cuban salsa in a way that even those with stiff legs and hips like me get the hang of it and pick up on the fun very quickly. A fun and energetic vibe that feels like a slice of summer in rainy Amsterdam
Jonathan Mitnik
Jonathan Mitnik
Talking from a very personal perspective, I believe it [Open Class] made a big difference along my journey because it gave me the environment I needed for practising. If you want to settle what you learned in class, having a concept like this is key. Socials, even though you learn a lot, are different - everything goes fast and you just go for the fun. However, I always used open classes for working on technique and get a transition from "the theory learned in class" towards "the practise". It is not the same learning a new move isolated than in an improvised dance sequence, you need to work on "greasing" the whole thing to make it look smooth. And many times, the key relies on a small detail that only a teacher's eye can catch, and this makes a huge difference... it is like somewhat which helps you to unlock a figure completely.
Carol V.
Carol V.